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Double Layer Automatic Inverted Umbrella - 750 Points

NO MORE DRIPPING MESS! Imagine the following scenario. It just started to rain and you're out running errands or shopping. What do you do? You take out your umbrella and manually open it. And then you get in your car and turn it into a wet mess. Whether its your car floors, your expensive leather seats, your houses flooring or even your trunk, something will suffer the consequences of your poor umbrella choice! Forget all about that! DRYZLE presents you with a must-have travel car and rain umbrella to ensure that you TRULY stay dry when it pours! With just a press of a button, the umbrella springs open instantly, preventing you from getting wet! Not to mention its specially-designed, cleverly folded, inverted design effectively eliminates water dripping, keeping your cars interior as well as your floors dry! So what's it going to be? Will you keep making a mess of your car and house or are you ready to upgrade to a premium reverse umbrella that will solve your problems once and for all? Reverse Inverted Auto Open Umbrella - Upside Down Windproof Umbrellas for Women and Men. This innovative, upside down 43" diameter umbrella entertains as it turns "inside - out" when auto opened at the press of a button. Practical design makes it easier to open and close during a downpour avoiding water from drenching your arm and shoulder while entering or exiting your car. The umbrella keeps you dry because the rain soaked side of the umbrella closes inward and water is trapped inside the umbrella top until set down to drain and dry.

750 Points